1-minute Core Workout | Challenge and focus on your core

Nov 22, 2019 by

It doesn’t take long to work out your core – check out this 1-minute core workout that really challenges and focuses on your core. This routine can be an addition to your regular workout routine since it’s only one minute long. There’s no equipment needed for these 3 moves and you can easily do these at home when you have a minute to spare.

Here are some benefits to training your core:

  • It tightens your abdominal muscles that are involved in movement, which thereby improving the transfer of power to and from the extremities
  • It teaches the muscles to work together efficiently and effectively
  • It helps to prevent injury
  • It stabilizes the torso
  • It can improve respiratory function
  • It can help stabilize and align the spine, ribs, and pelvis to withstand static and dynamic force

Follow the routine in the video below and repeat it during your workout session if necessary.

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