5 Effective Tips on How To Sleep Comfortably On A Cold Night

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5 Effective Tips on How To Sleep Comfortably On A Cold Night

Spring is in the air! Some of us are still experiencing some chilly nights (we’re located near Toronto), so the following information would be useful to help us sleep better at night. Sleeping can be tough when the environment is not right for you. Some people are completely okay with the idea of sleeping cold, but many people are not used to such conditions – especially when the weather fluctuates throughout the day.

After all, there’s a difference between “cold” and “cool.” To sleep properly, the room temperature of our bedroom should be at least on the cooler side. If it is too cold or too warm, you may experience discomfort.

However, situations like this are inevitable. For instance, when the winter season comes along, we have to valiantly face the frigid conditions. But fortunately, we can always minimize its effects and still be able to get a good quality sleep.

Here are 5 effective tips on how to sleep comfortably on a cold night!

Tip #1: Use Electric Blankets or Hot Bottles

Tip #1: Use Electric Blankets or Hot Bottles

You can use some magic like hot bottles or electric blankets. Okay, they aren’t magic but they can definitely help you out. These are great tools and they are a good way to preheat your bed so that you can get in comfortably while it is cooler in the room. Fortunately, these amenities are not that expensive to invest in.

If you don’t want to use an electric blanket, it is wise to opt for blankets that are made to tackle the cold. Finding the best warm blankets for winter should become a priority if you are constantly dealing with low temperatures. They can keep you warm without sacrificing comfort. A good quality blanket should last you a while so it will be good to invest in one.

Tip #2: Take a Warm Bath

Tip #2: Take a Warm Bath

If you get too cold, taking a warm bath before you sleep would help you solve the problem. Taking a warm bath does not only help your body relaxed, but it can also aid in the increase of your body temperature.

It is also noted that warm baths before bed can help a person feel sleepy and bed-ready. Furthermore, it is something that you can do even if it is not winter. If your day is too straining, a warm bath can release some of the stress.

Just be careful to not take the bath too close to your bedtime or have a bath that is too hot. You might end up becoming overheated. Allow your body to cool down before you hop in bed. By letting your body cool down, it mimics your body cooling down for sleep and it will signal your brain that it’s time to release melatonin.

Tip #3: Do Some Light Exercises

Tip #3: Do Some Light Exercises

There are often a lot of qualms when it comes to exercising before bedtime. Heavy exercise heightens the energy levels of the body, which in turn, prevents sleepiness from sinking in. So how do you exercise without that happening but instead help you sleep better?

If the exercise is light and moderate, it should be able to help you out. Specifically, doing light movements before bed can help you increase your body temperature. It is a helpful thing especially if you want to sleep comfortably during colder seasons.

Stretching exercises are among the things that you can do to heat up your body. You should also include deep breathing to further optimize its warming effects.

Yoga is a good, calming type of exercise that promotes sleep. Here’s a video of some yoga poses that can help you fall asleep faster.

Tip #4: Hot Drinks

Tip #4: Hot Drinks

Another way to elevate your body temperature is by drinking hot beverages. Drinking hot tea or water can help in warming your body up for bed. They can also make you feel warm, which is a good feeling during colder seasons.

Some teas are great because they don’t have any substances that can keep you awake. It still necessary to check if the tea has any caffeine contents and be careful to not add too much sugar to it. Alternatively, you can also try drinking hot water and add a little bit of honey and lemon to it.

It goes without saying, you should try to avoid drinks that have high caffeine and sugar content. These substances can impede sleepiness. As well, be careful to not drink too much so you can avoid getting up in the middle of the night.

Tip #5: Put on Extra Layers

Tip #5: Put on Extra Layers

Of course, covering your body with additional layers of clothing can help you combat the cold. Additional pieces of clothing can help you with the insulation process – ensuring that the heat won’t escape while you are sleeping. Don’t bundle up as it might cause you to overheat but dress accordingly for comfort.

You should try wearing flannel shirts, long sleeve shirts, wool, and sweaters as an augmentation to your existing garments. Wear pajamas and socks to keep your feet and legs cozy and warm.

Final Thoughts

These are a few things that can help you sleep comfortably while the external conditions are cold. Although they may appear simple, these methods are truly effective. With them, sleeping during frigid weather is quite doable.

That’s it for now. If you have questions or suggestions, feel free to drop them in the comment section below. Which tips helped you and what is your bedtime routine like?

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