Affordable travel destinations

Sep 18, 2017 by

Travel the world without breaking the bank – affordable travel destinations make these places a must-go.

Here are some places I am interested in going:

  • Cape Town – Picturesque beaches, Mediterranean weather, fun bars and cheap drinks… Cape Town has it all.
  • Vietnam – Vietnam is a booming travel destination, with historical spots to explore. There are breathtaking landscapes if you visit Vietnam for the nature. The night life is electric if you visit Vietnam in the city.
  • Ecuador – There’s volcanic islands in Ecuador. Check it out if you’re interested. There are also Andean peaks, beaches, and the Amazon rainforest to visit for your dose of adventure.
  • Poland – If you are interested in architecture or history, Poland is a must-go. Centrally located in Europe, Poland is often an underrated destination compared to other European countries.  Poland has delicious food, great beer, and a rich culture – you’ll find something to enjoy.
  • Montreal – Montreal is the world’s second largest francophone city after Paris, and is one of the most bilingual cities in Quebec and Canada. Whether you are exploring during the day or night, Montreal has plenty of activities and events throughout the year.

Watch the video below to see what other places are affordable! It may inspire you to try travelling to places you never thought you would.

Feel free to recommend me other affordable travel destinations if you have any. I would love to hear them!



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