What your backpack-wearing style says about you

Sep 11, 2017 by

students in a school hallway wearing backpacks with one strap

A student’s most common type of travelling baggage for school is the backpack. Carrying books, a bottle of water, and a lunch can be heavy and potentially cause back pain. However, the backpack is commonly used because it distributes the weight on both shoulders instead of one – which reduces back pain compared to other unbalanced travelling baggage.

As students begin socializing with their peers, they will learn different ways to wear a backpack. The “cool” kids tended to wear the backpack with one strap as a sign of rebellion – thereby making the proper way of wearing both straps seem not as “cool”.

What are the consequences of wearing the backpack with one strap? Obviously, back pain.

And what does your backpack-wearing-style say about you? Nothing, really. Except you can tell if someone cares about their back.

When students move to higher grades, they get more books. The “smart” kids would wear both straps not only because “cool” didn’t matter anymore, but it also became necessary with the physical load they had to carry.

Fast forward some time and some “cool” kids wear both straps now. “Cool” changes but doing what is right and proper will go a long way. Your back will thank you for it.

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