Thumper Massager at The National by FCA 2019 | Florida Chiropractic Association

Aug 28, 2019 by

Last weekend, we attended The National by FCA in Orlando, Florida. Every year, hundreds of speakers and vendors unite under one roof, making this the largest chiropractic convention and expo in the world for over 10 years. We were pleased to be part of this amazing event once again this year – but this year, we did something different. This is the first year that we’ve demonstrated the Lithium8 at our booth!

The long-awaited cordless Thumper Massager, the Lithium8, debuted earlier this month which features everything a chiropractor or massage therapist loves about the Maxi Pro and Equine Pro. The Lithium8 has a depth of penetration of 6 mm like the Maxi Pro but because of the unique dual-drive system (Maxi Pro and Equine Pro has only one drive) – the massager hits more firmly so it feels like the Equine Pro. The dual-drive system also helps with the massage being more comfortable and balanced while minimizing feedback to the handle. The most exciting part to this is that the Lithium8 is cordless! Enjoy the freedom and mobility of a battery-powered device.

Like all our other massagers, the Lithium8 is percussive, strong, and effective. It is also built in Canada with high-quality components and strict quality control. Enjoy all the health benefits associated with deep tissue massage with Thumper Massager!

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