Why are we ticklish?

Apr 06, 2021 by

Why do we experience tickling and what is the purpose of being able to feel light touches? Well, since we still have this ability to feel light touches throughout evolution, there must be a reason why, right?

Indeed, it is important to be able to feel light touches on your skin, imagine (or don’t) insects and parasites on your skin. Being able to feel that and get them off your skin before they do harm is definitely an advantage. But, why do we react to this sensation during a tickle war, despite knowing that the tickler is most likely harmless?

Well, scientists still don’t know why. But, we do know that there are two kinds of tickling feelings. Let’s dive into why we feel ticklish with what we know so far – learn more in the video below!

There’s a lot to dive in; if you want to read more, click here!

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