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Thumper® designed and patented the first deep muscle percussion massager, in 1974. Thumper percussion massager was designed specifically to release muscle tension on a patient prior to a chiropractic adjustment. Through the years of product development and continuous improvement, Thumper percussion massager has developed into our Maxi Pro Massager, the model most widely used by chiropractors on their patients around the world. Since its beginnings in 1974, Thumper continues to promote a drug-free healthy lifestyle by offering products that help people stay active.

Thumper Massager

why is thumper effective?

Thumper® designs, manufactures, and distributes quality percussion massager equipment. Each product is ingeniously designed and meticulously built in Canada. Our electric percussion massager line up has six different units, the Thumper Maxi Pro, Thumper Mini Pro, Thumper Sport, Thumper Versa Pro, Thumper Equine Pro and the Thumper VMTX.

Today, most of our massagers are designed for self-use, so people can enjoy the benefits of professional treatment at home.


The Mini Pro Thumper has been a critical part of my success because it helps me recover quickly. It is powerful enough to loosen tightly knotted muscles, but also easy to use and easy to target difficult to reach areas such as the lower back. It is also durable as it has traveled with me to a least a dozen competitions all over the world and it’s still thumping away today. I believe it is the best portable massager available, hands down.

Avianna Chao, Canadian Olympic Athlete

Thumper Massagers are great for both patient and self-care. They allow me to work smarter and more efficiently. Patients love the Thumper and I can treat myself between appointments to keep fresh all day.

Paul Lewis, Registered Massage Therapist

My Sports physiotherapist recommended Thumper to me to help with a pulled hamstring. After using the Versa Pro for 20 minutes I could physically feel that the size and tension of the knot on my hamstring had greatly diminished and also felt immediate relief from the pain it was causing. The depth of tissue massage I receive from the Versa Pro helps to relieve tired, sore muscles following long runs and helps to speed up my recovery time. I don’t have half the amount of muscle tightness that I used to on the day following a long run.

Sylvia De Silva, Marathoner, Toronto, Canada

Depending on out tour schedule, I may massage 22 dancers a day with only an allocation of 20 minutes per massage. With such a limited time the Thumper Maxi Pro has been an irreplaceable tool in maintaining these young professionals at their best. I seriously recommend the Thumper to all professionals seeking a tool that guarantees results.

Tony Clark, Massage Therapist, Riverdance

As a veterinarian I often get asked to attend to “sore backs”. The Thumper Equine Pro is an excellent, easy, non-invasive, safe way for owners of all horses, no matter what their discipline, to give their horses a quick rub down after each schooling to maintain optimal health and minimize muscle injuries, I would thoroughly recommend the investment into every stable.

Dr. Jim Robbins, BVSc, BSc, Dip Pharmacy

I have used Thumper massagers at the clinic for many years. Until recently I thought the product line was at its peak….but now I find the newly released VMTX to be the most versatile massager in our clinic, and the one I like best!

Neil Osborne, DC, Director of Clinic AECC

We are incredibly impressed with the Thumper Mini Pro 2 build quality, whisper quiet sound, electronic speed & load control and most of all the percussive action…..For the past four years, not knowing any better, we’ve been using a knock off product at home, and it is clear that you get what you pay for.

Ronald Mar, Home User, Toronto, Canada

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